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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Owner’s Beware: Construction Labor Forces are Tightening!

In the attached open letter to clients, Tony Manning, VP of the Program and Project Management Group for Warner, discusses the perils of construction project that do not head the market warnings of a tightening labor market in the construction sector. In the attached he also describes the effects on labor shortages and how they are manifested on a project site as well as how Warner can help with managing these issues on your project.

Click here to read Tony’s open letter: LaborShort_SchedProblems


Warner Celebrates Chris Bryant’s 20 Year Anniversary

Warner congratulates Chris Bryant for his 20 years of service providing expert dispute resolution services to the construction industry by presenting him with a special check from Warner. 

When he first joined Warner, Boyz-to-Men were topping the charts, the TV show Friends as well as ER first premiered, Yahoo and Amazon had just started, and the Blackberry would not be invented until five years later!

Since then Chris has been a key player in many of the company’s highest-profile projects, such as: the Hong Kong Airport, the Burj Kalifa, the Dunkirk Power Plant, and the IPSCO Flat Plate Steel Mill Plant.