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Warner Wins – VCU Police Department Headquarters

Warner was retained by Daniel & Company, Inc., based in Richmond, Virginia, to prepare its baseline schedule and provide monthly updates on the renovation of the VCU Police Department Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The Project, which is three (3) levels plus a basement, will primarily house the VCU Police.

VCU Police Dept

Daniel’s scope includes major demolition of the interiors, upgrade of the mechanical and electrical systems, installation of a new roof, refurbishment of the elevator, upgrade of the core and shell bathrooms, painting of the stairs and lobbies, and new fixtures. The first floor includes new lockers, interview rooms and conference areas. The second floor includes academy classrooms, a gymnasium, a breakroom and offices. The third floor will include offices and a conference room. A new firing range will also be built in the basement under a separate contract.

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